Get Your Canada visit visa

Young woman with Canadian passport and flag, representing Canada visit visa.

Get a chance to explore the vibrant culture of the dream destination region of Canada by getting your Canada visit visa in Dubai very simply from EMS Visa Consultant.
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How to obtain your Canada visit visa

Here are a few simple steps to follow;-

step1- Get your document ready for your Canada visit visa

Before you apply for a Canada Visitor visa, make it clear that all the documents you provide is eligible to obtain a Canada tourist visa. Which depends on the region why you are visiting a visa

Step2- Submit the Canada visitor visa application online

You have to first create an account with the IRCC. Along with the application, you should have all the necessary documents and pay the fees.

Step3- Submit fingerprints and photo

While applying for a Canada travel visa, you have to provide your biometric details like your fingerprints and photo at your nearby visa application center.

Step4- Canada visitor visa application process

Once when you complete the application, the immigration authorities of Canada will analyze the submitted documents. If your application is incomplete, then it will be returned without processing.
A couple of times, the application will have to go for an interview with immigration officials. It may also be asked to send more information like health clearance and police clearance certificates

Step5- Send the passport

Once your visa is approved, then you have to send the passport to Canadian immigration authorities, who will stamp the visitor visa on it.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q1. Is Canada open for visitor visas?
    A1. Yes Canada is open for visas
  • Q2. Can visitors work in Canada now?
    A2. You can not work in Canada without obtaining a work visa.
  • Q3. Does Canada give a 5-year visa?
    A3. Super Visa gives eligible grandparents and parents of permanent residents and Canadian citizens the chance to visit Canada for 5 years on every entry.
  • Q4. From where can I get a UK visit visa?
    A4. From EMS Visa Consultant you can easily get your Canada visit visa with a reasonable visa application fee and appeal package. We aim to be with you throughout the entire process of getting your visit visa.