EMS Visa Consultant is a trusted immigration consultancy in Dubaiand the UAE. We provide the best immigration services to help visitors traveling the world’s most popular visit destinations UAE and other international countries.

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Unforgettable Holiday Experiences
Immigration Process Responsibility
Expert guidance throughout the entire process of immigration.
Faster & Reliable Executant
We offer fast and affordable visa services in Dubai, UAE.
Accurate & Expert Advice
Ease immigration programs with our expert immigration consultants.
Legal Immigration Success
Get legal guidance to achieve success in your immigration dream.
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Trusted Visa Consultants in Dubai

EMS Visa Consultant is a group of well-known visa consultants who will help you get your visit visa to explore the UAE and popular international destinations. We provide reliable visa services in Dubai, UAE with a global reach and personalized services at reasonable prices. Enjoy Your dream vacations and let us help you to handle the entire tourist visa process. Contact us today and enjoy a smooth journey to explore the world.
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Gathering required documents
Clearing visa interviews
Getting your visa approval
Visa Consultant in Dubai
Visa Consultant in Dubai
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EMS Visa Consultant provides the best immigration services in Dubai and the UAE. The top reasons for considering our immigration services include the following:
One-Stop Solution
EMS Visa Consultant is a one-stop solution to travel world’s famous travel destinations Dubai and other different international destinations.
Travel All Across the Globe
We will provide you with the best visa consultancy in Dubai to help you visit the UAE and other destinations such as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and Schengen Countries.
99% Visa Approval
Connecting with EMS Visa Consultant will ensure that you submit the application form efficiently, avoiding any mistakes and delays.
Visa Consultant in Dubai

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Visa Consultant in Dubai Visa Consultant in Dubai Visa Consultant in Dubai Visa Consultant in Dubai Visa Consultant in Dubai
Working Process

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Step 01
Apply for Your Visa
Firstly we help your clients in filling their visa application forms. Fill in the information regarding the candidate like Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, complete Passport information, Visa Type, Email ID, and Airline.
Step 02
Document Submission
In the next step, we ensure that the candidate will efficiently complete and submit to relevant authorities. We crosscheck whether all the provided information is accurate and submitted on time.
Step 03
Obtain Your Visa
After submitting the required documents and paying the visa fees, the relevant authority to provide your visa. Then, receive your visa and embark on your journey to Dubai and other countries.
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EMS Visa Consultant is the best Visa Consultancy in Dubai giving you the opportunity to explore the world’s best destinations. Talk to our expert consultants and take the first step towards obtaining your visa in Dubai.
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