Obtain your UK Visit Visa

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Explore the rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture of the dream destination country United Kingdom by getting your UK visit visa in Dubai smoothly from EMS Visa Consultant.
We will assist you with the best visa services in Dubai, UAE to make your dream destination country UK trip hassle-free and simple as we hold an excellent track record of our work.

How to obtain your UK visit visa

Here are the important steps you must follow to get your England visit visa from Dubai

Step 1 -Do have the following formal documents

The required travel documents are as follows:

  • Double-signed and filled up the UK visit visa application (do ensure that it is free from any mistakes)
  • Applicant's 6 months valid original official passport that includes a minimum of 2 blank pages
  • The latest 2 passport size photographs were taken on a white background
  • NOC letter from the employer or company showcasing the applicant designation, joining date, salary, etc. (while submitting it should be 1 month old)
  • The past six months' bank statements show sufficient balance needed for your UK travel. (while submitting it should not be 1 week old)
  • Invitation letter from friends, family, or a UK-based company
  • Return air ticket and hotel voucher

Step 2- Visa fee payment

Do your visa payment with your valid debit card or credit card. Further, we will schedule the appointment time and date for your interview with the UK Embassy.

Step 3- Arrive for the interview

Do arrive at the embassy on the specified time and date for your interview. Ensure that you give precise and convincing to all the questions.

Step 4- Get approval for a UK visa

It takes approximately 14 working days to get the approvals for your UK visa (Depending on the Embassy). Once the visa application processing times are successfully done, you will get your stamped official passport with a UK visa.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q1. What is the rule for a UK travel visa?
    You can visit the UK on a long-term standard visitor visa for business, tourism, study, and other permitted activities.
  • Q2. Can I do work in the UK on my UK or Britain visitor visa?
    A2. No, you can not work in any UK company with your United Kingdom visit visa.
  • Q3. Can I get a tourist visa without a job?
    A3. Yes, you can get a tourist visa without a job
  • Q4. From where can I get a UK visit visa?
    . From EMS Visa Consultant you can smoothly get your UK visit visa with a reasonable visa application fee and appeal package. we aim to be with you throughout the entire process of getting your visit visa.